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In an Information-Saturated World, Content is Your Final Differentiator. Get Equipped and Stand Out.


Evolve Your Business

When innovation happens outside of your organization, it is viewed as a disruption, when disruption happens inside your company it is hailed as an innovation. As a leader are you tuned into the latest marketing trends and technology? Speak to us and gain insights on how to transform your business.

Experience & Expertise

No one knows your business better than you, you need a partner who knows the latest marketing techniques and technology available for the leverage you need to Evolve.

A Team You Can Trust

Why overburden yourself with marketing and content creation, or even put up with content created by your team who might not be trained or specialized. Rest in the fact that you can have a specialized marketing force at the helm. A team with a track record of Trust.


Services by Vjoire Consultancy

Business Marketing Consultancy

As a growing business in the 21st century, it is an increasingly challenging task to stay abreast of trends and tactics of modern marketing. Avoid stressing your team to take on specialized marketing roles that are outside of their job scope. Discover how an outsourced and specialized marketing team can leverage on existing resources to achieve breakthroughs for your business!

Brand Stewardship

A Brand exists solely in the mind of the market and not the brand manufacturer. A Brand is created through experiences via the various touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Consistency is at the core of Brand building. Keep your Brand messages clear and consistent by starting right. Take the Challenge and test your USP against your competitors and determine if your position is truly your own.

Content Population & Copywriting

Short attention spans are a herald for the Age of Attention, where information is cheap, and attention is scarce. Are you touchpoints such as your website, newsletters or flyers updated to accommodate for this new era? Is your content ready for your customers who are deficient in attention? Craft your content well, and the edge you will enjoy against your competition will be great.

Email Campaign Mastery

Your relationship with your best customers should be what keeps them coming back to you. Well crafted email titles and headlines can seed powerful impressions which can be activated when the need arises. Evolve your emails from informational to transformational with Neuromarketing concepts.

Tipping The Pivots

Towards an Empowered Life

The secret to leading an Empowered Life is to discover the art of working with and through people. Language is a powerful leverage of influence when dealing with people, and what if you discover that a few simple word choices can reconfigure your reality? The right words in the right order can work magic on those who need you influence.

If you have always wonder’s the secret of powerful communicators and influencers, be curious no more! You too can be Tipping the Pivots to an Empowered Life

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About The Founder

Vernon Lim

Vernon Lim

Founder & CEO

Young, passionate and dynamic, Vernon has spent his years acquiring experience in the hard sciences, social sciences, and training. His training in engineering, liberal arts and communication blends into a unique methodology, appealing across generations and departments.

The author of Tipping the Pivots, a handbook of easy to apply NLP techniques for individuals who seek to increase their influence sustainably & scientifically. Vernon has worked over the years to spread the message of influence and integrity.

Vernon’s interdisciplinary education background coupled with his unique blend of humor and practical techniques has resulted in a methodology which has strong retention indexes. Owing to its effectiveness, Vernon has been invited to deliver keynotes and workshops at agencies and MNCs around Singapore & the region.

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