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Orthokeratology or Ortho-K is the art and science of vision restoration without the risks of ocular surgery. Safe, effective and proven, the practice of Orthokeratology was perfected over decades and refined over a generation of application. Like the retainers worn on teeth, specialised contact lens even out the surface of the eye as you sleep, giving you perfect vision upon removal the next morning.

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Myopia sufferers can be as young as 4 years old. With progression at the rate of over 100 degrees a year, safe treatment cannot come soon enough. Our Myo-Control™ programme is tailored specifically for children and designed to restore clear vision and arrest rampant progression.

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Athledge™ Programme

The needs of athletes often require a solution that is flexible and robust. After extensive research into sports science and performance, our Athledge™ Programme offers the edge athletes need during training and into competitions, giving better peripheral vision and reduced visual noise.

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Ocular Freedom™

Pushing the boundaries of the craft of Orthokeratology, the marriage of experience, skill and technology have yielded a powerful configuration that offers the adult unmatched clarity, convenience and peace of mind. Unaided perfect vision without risk of surgery now a reality with our Ocular Freedom™ Programme.

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